All of the guys at Tommy C Photography are amazing and do outstanding work. They give great direction and really know what they are talking about. Tommy the Photographer really knows what he is talking about and his experience allows him to give you better direction. Eric is awesome and his communication is on point, never giving you the feeling that you are just another model. I would shoot with this team anytime and cant wait to see them again! :) Thank you guys!

Joshua Callihan


AMAZING and CREATIVE artist with an eye for PERFECTION! 

This is the best way to describe TOMMY. 

Love working with you. Not only you are fabulous at what you do, you are also very positive and professional at all times. I wish you more success and thank you for everything. Love my photo and it gets compliments everywhere. I look forward to working with you again. 

Much respect & love 

Ivy Teves


Tommy C Photography is the best thing that ever happened to me! I never knew how beautiful I could feel until my pictures were taken.  Tommy is so incredibly talented, dedicated, and so much fun to work with! 

Aubree White


So great working with Tommy C!!! After one shoot with him he'll make you step up your game and bring it to a new level... INCREDIBLE!!!!!

Edward Verdugo


The Tommy C experience is like no other!!! A gentlemen of his craft, an innovating invigorating master!!

Nick J Mariotti


My photo shoot experience with Tommy was AMAZING!! As a hairstylist I'm used to working behind the scenes as a part of the glam squad, so being in front of the camera was a huge change for me. I was super nervous and had no idea what I was doing, but Tommy did an EXCELLENT job directing me in finding my inner supermodel. He was patient, non judgemental and made me feel extremely comfortable. I was familiar with Tommy's work, so I knew he was wonderful photographer, but when I saw my photos I literally cried! I was shocked and amazed that Tommy had captured the beauty within me I never knew existed and for this I am truly grateful. I suggest that anyone remotely interested in having their photos taken, it is a MUST that you book your shoot with Tommy to get the FULL Tommy C Photography experience 


Hair Stylist

Great working with you! I really enjoyed the shoot and feel like we got some great shots. Thank you sooo much for sharing your experience and knowledge of modeling with me. I feel that I gained insight into the industry and have a better idea of where I want to be as a model. It was so nice working with you because you understand what's its like to be on the other side of the camera.  Thank you for everything!



Props to TOMMY C!! What an awesome shoot; it was a pleasure working with you and your team. I truly appreciate your wisdom and insight, and look forward to a bright future for both of us

John Strand


I am smitten with your work , I could stare mindlessly at your work for hours on end. as a pre-teen and through my early teenage years I used to cut and tear beautiful images out of magazines and post them over every inch of the walls in my room and your work reminds me of those images , those were the images that made me want to model and so i say thank you to you for the drive and inspiration you unintentionally deliver through your art.

Jasmine Dejon


I am thrilled we got to work together. You helped me out of my shell and really put me at ease. You're a great photographer and I hope to work together again!